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Visitation: Randall County Jail near Amarillo TX


Face-to-Face Inmate Visitation

VisManager, our patented inmate visitation management system allows correctional facilities to effectively manage all face-to-face visits, whether they are contact or non-contact. Whether you’re looking to transition toward video visitation or you simply want to streamline your face-to-face visitation management, VisManager will equip you with the tools you need. If your facility ever chooses to install a video visitation system, you will be able to use the same system to schedule, manage, and report on visitations of all types.

Face-To-Face Features:

Manage your video, non-contact, and contact room visits

VisManager offers a single solution for all your facility’s visitation management processes, eliminating the need for multiple systems, Excel spreadsheets, and sticky notes. Registration, scheduling, and policy management can all be done online. VisManager allows facilities to choose whether to give visitors, inmates, or staff the responsibility of scheduling visits. This means valuable staff time can be reallocated to higher priorities.

Establish set schedules for video visits, non-contact visits, and contact room visits

VisManager allows you to create unique time blocks for contact, non-contact, and video visits. Because video visitation is less labor-intensive than traditional visits, inmates may also benefit from the opportunity to have more frequent video visits.